Riksskeppslaget is an non-mandatory organisation for all seascout groups in Sweden. We are independent of all scout associations.

Member of Riksskeppslaget is all seascout groups that wants to be a member and we have an annual Riksskeppsråd last weekend in Januar in diffferent parts of the country. A chairman and an AU (working group) is elected each year which works with seascout issues between the convents.

About this site

Welcome to Riksskeppslagets home page. Here we present information about seascouting in Sweden and all seascout organisations.

This site consists off the following pages:

Start General information
Sjöscoutkårer A list of all seascout groups in Sweden with links to their websites and mailadresses (change ¤ to @).
Säkerhetsbestämmelser An index of all security regulations that different seascout groups have.
Länkar Interresting links
Arkiv Archive

Contact and links

Do you want more information please contact (exchange ¤ with @):

au¤sjoscout.nu              Chairman

webmaster¤sjoscout.nu  Webmaster


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